•  Counselors work closely with parents and guardians, teachers, nurses, and the Child Study Team members to assist in a student's total development.  

    For the elementary and secondary school student, services include individual and group counseling, referrals to other agencies, liaison between parents/ guardians and school administrators, and interpretation of standardized tests.  

    Counselors help high school students make academic, career and personal choices, but it is the parents, guardians and students who make final decisions in these crucial areas.  

    Group guidance sessions are held throughout the middle and high school years.  Although individual student conferences are scheduled regularly, students, parents, and guardians can also request an appointment whenever they see a need. 




    Mr. Josh Sussman, Director of School Counseling Services 


    (201)-652-9000 Ext. 5013 


    Ms. Melanie Moore, School Counselor 


    (201) 652-9000 Ext. 5018 


    Ms. Laurie Cassidy, Counseling Center Secretary 


    201-652-9000 Ext. 5007