• Picking up your child:

    If you are going to pick up your child from school during the course of the school day, it would make the process much easier if you would send a note with your child to the attendance office for Mrs. Raffaele or call (201) 652-9000 x 5010 stating the date, reason, and time you plan to pick up your child.  A pass from class will be issued to your child so that they may meet you in the main office at the designated pick up time.  


    You are required to come into the main office and sign your child out in the attendance office



    Dropping off your child:

    When you child is returning to school,  the student is required to visit the main office and sign back in and a pass to class will be issued by the attendance office.  You do not need to accompany your student upon their return.  


    Thank you for you consideration.