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    Mission Statement

    The Waldwick Middle School believes that all children should receive an education that goes beyond the academics and addresses the needs of the whole child. Their needs should be met in a safe and supportive environment that is conducive to the educational process. All students should be nurtured to develop a sense of responsibility and feelings of self-worth. Children should be guided to become more creative and develop problem-solving skills. The learning process should provide children with experiences that promote good citizenship and community pride.  

    It is the responsibility of the administration and faculty to work together to create this type of environment. Teachers should be given the freedom and support to investigate and test new ideas. The element of trust between administration, faculty, and parents should encourage participatory decision-making, planning, and evaluating for the enrichment of the students' educational experiences. This sense of collegiality is fundamental to the success of the school community.  

    In summation, the educational process should provide children not only with the building blocks of academics, but with the necessary skills to put them on the path to becoming positive, successful members of society. 

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