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    Project Wisdom Helping Students Make Wiser Choices

    Good moming,Traphagen School. This is Mr. Sileo and Faye Burke with a few words of wisdom.

    To respect someone means to have a high opinion of him or her — to really like how that person acts.

    Earning the respect of others is part of living a successful life, but before we can earn the respect of others, we must first learn to respect ourselves. Someone once said:

    You will not be respected unless you respect yourself.* -

    When we behave in ways that are respectful, we have better self-respect.: And, of course, when we behave in a respectful way, others are more likely to be respectful toward us.

    Today, look for ways you can be more considerate of others. You'll feel better about yourself and earn a little more respect from those around you.

    With something to think about this is name of narrator. Make it a great day...or not. The choice is yours.

    * Author Unknown

    Rev 0118

    Used with permission:

    © Project Wisdom, Inc. 2019 All rights reserved




    A Message from Mr. Sileo:

    Good Morning Traphagen Warriors! - Today is Monday, March 30th the 11th Day of Remote Learning!

    Today starts our joint School Spirit Week with Crescent School! Our Student Council selected several spirit days for us. Today is CHALK IT UP DAY! Make some happy colorful pictures outside in your driveway. Take a photo and send it into your homeroom teachers. Also, today is the last day to send in letters for those in nursing homes. Please participate! This will be so meaningful to those cut off from their families.

    I hope everyone is caught up with their classwork. Please continue to submit completed work for your special subject teachers. They miss you and haven't heard from some of you!

    I was honored to get emails from a few of our students last week. Remember, feel free to reach out, let me know how you're doing...

    Once again, continue to work hard! It looks like we are going to be in this Remote Learning Mode for a while! Let's make the best of it! Embrace your Learning! - Be Traphagen Strong!!


     Mr. Sileo

     Have a Great Day!


    We would like to wish a Happy Birthday to: Joseph Deutsch, Matthew Gates, Trevor Sandberg, Tyler Sandberg and Brooke Tiedemann



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