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    Project Wisdom Helping Students Make Wiser Choices

    Good morning, Traphagen School. This is Mr. Sileo and Sebastian Aparicio with a few words of wisdom :

    Someone wise once said:

    Teachers are the true heroes of the world.*

    The dictionary defines a hero as someone admired for his or her strength and courage. The word courage comes from the Latin cor, which means "the heart."

    Teachers teach because in their hearts they really care ... because they believe they can make a positive difference in your life so that you can grow up and make a positive difference in the world.

    Today, show your teachers you appreciate them. Give them a virtual hug or a thank-you note or a few words of support. -

    With something to think about Mr. Sileo and Sebastian Aparicio. . Make it a great day... or not. The choice is yours.

    Author unknown 

    Used with permission:

    © Project Wisdom, Inc. 2019 All rights reserved




    A Message from Mr. Sileo:

    Good Morning Traphagen Warriors!

    Welcome to Day 10 - Happy Friday!! I jumped into a few classes yesterday and was happy to see that many of you are getting the hang of video conferencing! I keep saying this is a process, so thank you for working hard to get us to this point. Congratulations to those students who are up to date on your assignments! Some of you are still missing some assignments and they are starting to build up. Please take the weekend to get caught up so that you start Monday up to date! I can't stress this enough, these assignments are going to be part of your grades. The quality and completion depend on you! I would hate to see your grades drop because you are not taking this seriously. Once again, this is a small group. Most of you are doing amazing!! 

    Student Council has joined together with Crescent School for a Spirit Week! More information on Spirit Week and other fun activities will be coming out today and over the weekend! Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!!! Remember Social Distancing will help us beat this virus!!!

    Lastly - As I was jumping into classes yesterday I realized how much I missed all of you! I would love to get an email from any of you to catch up on how you’re doing! Talk soon!

     Mr. Sileo


    Have a Great Weekend!



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