A student can be assigned homework by the teacher throughout the year.  When completed conscientiously, homework has a measurable impact on student motivation and attention in class.  Homework assignments are designed for a variety of reasons: 

    To review the day's lesson

    • To prepare students for future lessons
    • To provide practice in developing skills
    • To require creative expression or original response 

    It is responsibility of the student to complete all required assignments satisfactorily and on time to receive full credit for his/her work.  The policy regarding gradig material handed in late will be determined by the classroom teacher.  Teachers will discuss their homework policies with students at the beginning of the school year. 

    The amount of homework will vary from class to class and teacher to teacher.  The goal of homework is to reinforce skills or, with the "flipped classroom" approach and the use of Google classroom, have students research or watch a video for further discussion in class. The amount of homework should be manageable and not be overwhelming.  If a student is feeling overwhelmed with the amount of homework, the student should speak with their teachers and/or guidance counselor. 

    When a student is absent for one or two days, they should check Google Classrom or email their teachers for any missed assignment.  


    Note: Homework will not be collected for students when they are absent.  They should check the Faculty website and Google Classroom for all assignments.