Dear Potential Substitute Teacher:

    The procedures for becoming a substitute teacher, while not difficult, require attention to detail and some time to complete. By carefully following the directions and downloading the forms needed, you will speed up the process.

    If you are already a substitute and need an application for Waldwick, please follow this procedure:

    1. Provide the following documents:
      a. County Substitute Certificate or NJ Teaching Certification
      b. Criminal History Letter
      c. Mantoux Test (must be dated within six months)
      d. Resume

     Obtain a Criminal History Review letter before applying for a County Substitute Certificate.

    1.    New Applicant
           Archive (if you have not been employed by a school district in the past year) Transfer (if you are substituting in another school district)
    2. Obtain a County Substitute Certificate  (if you do not have a teaching certificate)
    3. Complete the Waldwick Substitute Application
    4. Mantoux test (must be dated within six months)
    5. Complete Payroll Paperwork (provide two forms of identification, preferably a driver's license and social security card or Passport)

    When you have all the required paperwork, please contact Ms. Lisa D'Amato at 201-445-3131 x4101 to make an appointment. She will then schedule an interview with a district administrator. Upon the recommendation of the district administrator, your name will be placed on the Board Agenda for approval.

    Substitute Teacher Rate of Pay - $125 per day
    Substitute Nurse Rate of Pay - $150 per day