• Literature Books



         Traphagen students and staff visit the library/media center to access a variety of resources (digital and print) to enjoy, expand their knowledge, and engage in STEAM investigations.


    Exciting Programs in the Traphagen Library/Media Center:


    Grades K-5: STEAM Investigations (Engineering,Coding, and More)

    Grades K-2: Regularly scheduled visits for literature-based activities, check-out*, and more.

    -Kindergarten and Grade 1: Check out 1 book

    -Grade 2 - Check out 2 books

    Grades 3-5

    -Check out 2 books

    -Check out: Tuesday and Thursday - 2:40 PM or during scheduled visits with classroom teacher

    Author Visits 

    Battle of the Books


    * Please return books one week after checking them out.  Books may be renewed for research projects.