• High School

    The Waldwick High School Social Studies Department goal is to prepare students for success in the 21st century world.  The social studies experience will explore global differences and similarities, world cultures, interdependence of the world economy, the past and present United States.  The students will be exposed to many new technological research tools and other effective means of research available to understand their own country’s governmental system and society and those of the world community.  This academic awareness is to be applied in the development of a strong personal commitment to becoming an active participant in a civic community that encompasses the entire world.



    Grade 9 --  World History

    Grade 10 --  U.S. History 1

    Grade 11 --  U.S. History 2

    Grade 10 or 11   --  Principles of Economics (semester)


    Honors and Advanced Placement courses are designed to offer greater challenge and different instructional strategies to students whose educational needs require a more in-depth study of the course work.

    Social Studies Course Selection Guide 2017-18 - Click Here